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2012.I was a NYU Student.


  Met this beautiful girl on campus.She was a sophomore from Chicago,IL.So I asked her out.Well,her sister was visiting her from Chicago that same weekend that we had our date planned.Of course she doesn’t mention anything about her sister,but she ends up bringing her along to the date that I was so looking forward to.


  Here comes her IDENTICAL TWIN sister.I had no idea who was who all date long and didn’t find a way to ask either.She later tells my friend she thinks that I am more into her sister than her.Very awkward.Much confused.And yes,very weird.


  取得7.3k好评的回答 Judy Edmonds:

  Now happily married for many years,but I still remember one disastrous date:


  I discovered he was recently(less than a month)divorced.That should have been a warning,but I was interested in the concert we were going to.Mostly music so there was little conversation,other than every time we talked he was complaining about his ex.Following the concert we went to a restaurant for dessert and coffee.In the middle of the dessert he excused himself to go the restroom.When he didn't return in 30 minutes I became concerned and asked a waiter to go to the men's room and check on him.


  He came back,irritated that I had sent in the waiter.It turned out he didn't need the restroom...instead he had called his ex and was fighting with her over the phone!Then he started to tell me what a b...h she was.At that point I told him to do other women a favor and not try to date until he had resolved his issues,I called a cab and left.


  取得15k好评的回答 Enoch Smith:【英语阅读】

  I met this one person on OkCupid.She lived a little over an hour away,which made regular visits just a little inconvenient,but we seemed to have a lot in common.We spent a couple weeks chatting,and then playing video games together online.


  Then she invited me over to spend the night at her place.Of course I accepted and,that weekend,I took the last train up to her apartment.


  About 2/3 of the way there is where things started to go wrong.We were texting,and she mentions“Oh,by the way,my boyfriend will be here.I hope you weren’t expecting sex.”I double-checked her OkCupid profile,and it did,indeed,say she was single,and she’d never mentioned it before.I told her I was a bit surprised.I did enjoy spending time with her,even if it was purely platonic.


  In any case,it’s too late to turn back.Like I said,it was the last train.


  So I get to her apartment,and her boyfriend meets me at the door.Very friendly,seemed like an intelligent guy.The three of us chat for a couple minutes,and then she informs me that they’re in the middle of an online game,and they need to get back to it.


  It was pretty boring(and a little awkward)trying to stand behind them,watching over their shoulder while they played their game and largely ignored me.I asked if they had any other games I could play,and they said I could play with their cat.So I did.For literally the rest of the night.They didn’t quit playing until after midnight,then they let me know they were heading to bed together.They said I could sleep on a beanbag chair,but they didn’t have any blankets to spare.Oops!


  Also,they didn’t have any food,either,except for dry Cheerios and a few condiments in the fridge.They went to bed together,and I slept on the beanbag chair,hungry,wrapping myself in my hoodie for warmth.


  And I never took the last train to a first date ever again.

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